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Why would anyone pay for coaching?

Before I answer that, I Would like to draw your attention to many of the other things that many of us currently pay for that offer short term benefit.

Things like massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, hair salon coloring, maintenance of eyelashes and eyebrows, personal trainers, gym memberships, skin care, digital apps, streaming services for gaming or movies. (and so much more!) All of these things are fantastic!

Are they worth the money? That is completely up to each individual and the benefit they receive from those services.

What is coaching?

Coaching is one on one time with a professional who holds space for you, listens without judgment, is able to reflect back and help you see things in your life from an outside perspective. A coach asks powerful questions that help to elicit your inner wisdom and knowledge.

The benefits received from coaching can be long lasting. Coaching can bring clarity to your true desires, help you recognize your internal strengths, create a plan to achieve the goals that you want, provide accountability and support you throughout the process. This can be long term and life-changing.

Is hiring a coach indulgent?

Only if you believe investing in yourself, your well being, personal growth, your relationships, and your success holds little value. You have the choice to select the lens you view coaching (and anything else) through. You get to DECIDE.

Can I be guaranteed success?

You can be assured that if YOU are willing to look within, be honest with yourself, stretch to your edges and decide to make change, you will come away with new insight and empowerment to drive your life, rather than be a passenger in your journey.

Who is coaching for?

The ideal client for me, is someone who is ready for something different in their lives. They may be stuck in one or many areas of their well being. (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social) They have a deep knowing that there is another way, they just haven't found it. They want to feel differently about themselves or their lives and they are willing to DO something. Now.

What does a coaching session with Coach Joni O look like?

It is a comfortable, calm space where you are in the driver's seat. My job is to listen, reflect and ask powerful questions that help you discover yourself, your plan and your path. Our conversations are private and protected. Because of this safe container, you are invited to go to the edges of your comfort zone. You are always in charge of the depth of our conversations. My job is to serve you, not please you. In doing so I may ask questions that may create resistance within you. It is YOUR choice to go there or not. Sometimes conversations are serious and deep, others are light and joyful. Every client, every session is different and created by being in the moment and addressing YOUR needs.

How many times and how often do we meet?

That is up to each individual. I have had success with clients meeting as few a twice, 4 times and much longer. Some people have one specific thing they know they want to focus on and move forward with. Others know they want to make changes but don't know where to start. Some clients want to meet weekly for a while and then spread out the sessions as they assimilate new habits and changes into their lives. Others want to meet bi-weekly or monthly so they have time to process and progress between sessions. Each coaching relationship is different.

Where do we meet?

In person, zoom video or phone. Or any combination of the three. Some people prefer the comfort of their own living space, others prefer not to be "seen" and others want to be face to face. The choice is yours.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Schedule a 20 minute discovery call with me. YOU DECIDE if you feel comfortable and want to move forward. There is no judgement and no expectation (even if we are already acquaintances!) Although I care deeply about helping people, I do not take their decision not to choose coaching with me personally. You will only be successful with change and growth when YOU are ready. Truly, I only want to work with people who really want to work with me and want to invest effort and energy in stepping forward in their life.

How do I set up a discovery call?

Tell me who you are and why you are interested in a discovery call. I will reply and we will set up a time to meet.

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