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My Clients

Since 2020 I have coached clients from all walks of life with various circumstances and goals. Coaching is a process that can help anyone find more direction, peace and satisfaction in their life. The only prerequisite is that one is willing to open themselves to inner exploration about what they really want, why they want it and what they are willing to do to create that result.

I am confident in the clients I choose to work with. I guarantee that after 3 - 6 months of coaching with me you will be able to feel better more often, enjoy your life more, make better decisions, be more at ease with life, yourself and with others around you, no matter your circumstance.

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My Clients Are - 

School Teachers - Professors - University Employees - College Students -Attorneys - Clinical Staff Nurses - Nurse Leaders - Non-Clinical Hospital Staff - Physical Therapists - Massage Therapists - Mental Health Counselors - Pastors - Veterans - Athletes - Small Business Owners - Retirees - Empty Nesters - Active Aging Seniors - Stay at Home Moms and more.


Coaching can be about whatever is important to you. I am here to meet you where you are and support you in your journey. Nurse coaching includes all the domains of wellness: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.

I have been honored to have the opportunity to work with dozens of people with a cancer diagnosis. Clients benefitted from coaching in all stages of their journey. Some clients found coaching right at diagnosis or in the various treatment and surgical processes while others came to coaching post treatment, with a terminal prognosis or were declared "cancer free".


The diagnosis and treatment of Cancer can bring a variety of challenge. Coaching can bring clarity to your true desires, help you recognize your internal strengths, create a plan to achieve the goals that you want by providing accountability and support throughout the process. 

Nurse Coaching is one on one time with a professional nurse and coach who holds space for you, listens without judgment, provides reflection and can help you see things in your life from an outside perspective.

I am not here to tell you what to do or how to live. My role is to help you see what works in your life, brings you joy, makes you feel healthier, stronger, and able to achieve YOUR goals throughout this process. (Whatever, they are). We all have different views and different perceptions and health means something different to all of us..