Melissa 35, Franklin, TN


Before I started working with Joni I was struggling with stress and felt like I was unable to slow down and enjoy my life.  Joni changed this for me!  She taught me about mindfulness, how to access my own intuition and multiple ways to overcome stress.  I have even noticed an improvement in my physical health after working with her!  Joni is such a genuine person.  I have never worked with a practitioner that listens and cares as much as she does.  After working with her, I have so much clarity and focus in my life that I have never had before.  I would recommend Joni's coaching to everyone I know.  Thanks Joni!


Lydia, Stillwater, OK

As a health coach, Joni made me feel comfortable, heard, and safe. She asked good questions, listened reflectively, and was gracious to each of us. She provided a safe place to process person concerns, and her careful questions helped me discover what was beneath the surface of my own heart. Joni cares for those she coaches! Since the coaching experience, I've had more inner freedom and relief concerning those heart issues. I highly recommend Joni O'Neil as your health coach!

Jo Alice 60, Stillwater, OK

Joni’s coaching expanded my limited horizon. In a brilliant, yet gentle way, she helped me entertain additional options for approaching and viewing what seemed insurmountable obstacles in my life. Often guiding me to be thankful for obstacles and empowered by the growth these events were bringing to my life. She offers great resources, facilitated me to make action plans, and warmly prompted me to look up for spiritual strength. Joni’s coaching has been a huge blessing to my life.