Group Coaching

Nurses Together

Burn out and compassion fatigue can arise from extended stress (emotional, mental and physical) that may accompany patient care.  Nursing in the current pandemic can be overwhelming. Beyond the regular stress of caring for sick people, some are faced with the additional issues of under staffing, increased patient load, increased hours, uncertain PPE supply, increased risk of infection, altered working environments and processes, patients in constant isolation and coworkers/family members/friends that are frequently on edge.  This 6 week group coaching program will offer a space for nurses to debrief, connect with other nurses and learn evidenced based strategies for self-care and coping.

Nurse with Protective Mask
Happy Woman

Mid-Life Resilience

We are the Cunningham’s! Somewhere back in my 40s it dawned on me that I was the same age or older than Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham from the popular TV show from my childhood Happy Days. This blew me away!  In my mind they were older, they were fuddy-duddies, they were ‘the’ parents, they were middle-aged they were most definitely not me! However life creeps up on us and before we know it we are in that middle stage of life or beyond. I am there.


Are you satisfied with where you are now? Are you enjoying the relationships in your life? The things you are doing? The way you are showing up? If not, you may want to join my group. We will be discussing well-being and resilience in middle age. Although we are not on the horizon of our life, we have a lot of years left! Do you want to muddle through? Or, do you want to be present, motivated and joyful?  Great well-being is feeling satisfied or better in the various domains of our lives. We CAN improve our emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual health and feel better about where we are in life. Join this 6 week group coaching program to connect with others, discover ways to improve your well-being and feel more satisfied with the “Cunningham” stage of your life.

If you don’t get this reference you’re probably not quite there yet!

Home Stretch Wellness

There are many stages of life and all are equally important.  In the beginning we are concentrated on where we want to go and what we want to achieve. In the middle, we are busy doing those things, working, raising kids… managing and getting through life. Finally we reach the home stretch and many of us spend all or most of our time looking backwards. Reminiscing on the beautiful times in our lives is wonderful! However, living life as if it is already over does not serve us!  Recognizing that ALL of our time here is valuable is important! We don’t have to stop looking forward.  Even in the homestretch of our lives we can be joyful, inspired and motivated.  Join this 8 week group coaching program to connect with others, discover ways to improve your well-being and feel more satisfied with your life in the Home Stretch.

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College Students

Cultivating Resilience

in the Chaos of College

Isolation, fear, online classes, and the ‘pandemic’ college experience is overwhelming for many students.

This group program allows students to connect with each other and focus on building habits of resilience.

These habits allow us to:

  • Respond skillfully rather than react

  • See the bigger picture rather than getting overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions

  • Stay focused and productive rather than squandering our attention on addictive distractions or floundering in paralysis